Transform Your Diabetes Care: Install Nightscout on CasaOS Easily

Discover how to revolutionize your diabetes management by installing Nightscout on CasaOS using BigBearCasaOS. This step-by-step tutorial guides you through the entire process, making it easy for anyone to follow. Learn the benefits of Nightscout, why CasaOS is the perfect platform, and how this setup can significantly improve your daily life.

Nightscout acts as a web-based Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), allowing multiple caregivers to remotely view a patient’s glucose data in real time. The server reads data from a MongoDB, which receives new sensor glucose values (SGV) from a physical CGM. This data is displayed graphically, with blood glucose values predicted 0.5 hours ahead using an autoregressive second-order model. Alarms for high and low values are generated and can be cleared by any watcher of the data.

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