Troubleshooting Continuity Camera Issues with Multiple iPhones


Are you facing challenges with Apple’s Continuity Camera feature when using two iPhones connected to the same Apple ID? This feature, designed to allow iPhones to serve as webcams for your Mac, can sometimes run into issues when multiple devices are involved. This blog post will guide you through the steps to resolve this by managing continuity camera settings on your iPhones.

Understanding the Issue

When two iPhones are linked to the same Apple ID, conflicts may arise with the Continuity Camera feature. This can prevent one or both devices from functioning correctly as a webcam for your Mac. The solution involves configuring the settings on your iPhones to ensure smooth operation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Continuity Camera Issues

Step 1: Choose the Primary iPhone for Continuity Camera

Determine which of your two iPhones you want to use as the primary webcam for your Mac. This will be the device where the continuity camera remains enabled.

Step 2: Access Settings on the Secondary iPhone

On the iPhone that you will not be using as a webcam (the secondary iPhone), open the ‘Settings’ app. This is where you’ll modify the continuity camera settings.

Step 3: Turn Off Camera Continuity

In the ‘Settings’ app, navigate to the section where Continuity settings are located. This is usually under ‘General’ or a similar category. Look for an option related to Continuity Camera or camera access for Continuity features.

On my iPhone, it’s at Settings: App > General > Air Play & Handoff > Continuity Camera (Toggle on and off)

Once you find the appropriate setting, toggle it off. This action will disable the Continuity Camera feature on this particular iPhone, thus preventing any conflicts with the primary iPhone you intend to use as a webcam.

Step 4: Test the Setup

After adjusting the settings, test the setup by trying to use the primary iPhone as a webcam on your Mac. You should now be able to connect and use the primary iPhone without interference from the secondary iPhone.


Managing continuity camera settings when using multiple iPhones with the same Apple ID is crucial for seamless operation. By designating one iPhone as the primary webcam and adjusting settings on the other, you can prevent conflicts and ensure a smooth experience with Apple’s Continuity Camera feature.