Trying to add a new hdd on Proxmox

Hi all, I’m trying to install a new 4tb hdd on Proxmox and as a newbie I kindly ask for your help…

The existing drive where I installed Proxmox and a couple of VMs and LXCs is an SSD.
Now I have physically installed a new sata hdd. Under node (pve) > Disks I can see it and I initialized it with GPT, after pressing Wipe Disk first.
The new hdd was given /dev/sda and the existing ssd strangely changed from sda to sdb. Shouldn’t the new drive be called sdb?
Anyway, what I am trying to do is have this new hdd used as storage by other VMs or LXCs in my machine. For example I’m planning to install TurnKey file server LXC and I want it to use the 4TBs of the new hdd through samba, so that other windows machines in my LAN can read/write to. Also I’d like another LXC like Transmission use this space for downloading/uploading torrents… And maybe have Proxmox use some of this space for backups if possible.
Of course these LXCs will be installed on the ssd and I want them to use the new hdd as storage space (through resources > add > mount point if I’m not mistaken)
What is the best course of action to achieve this?

I’ve read so many guides and I’m confused because I’m missing something very obvious. Some suggest to go to pve > Disks > Directory and just create a new Directory with xfs as filesystem (because ext4 doesn’t work for drives larger than 2tb). But in other guides I read that I should first format and partition the new drive (using cli with parted command, etc) and then go to Datacenter > Storage and add the new Disk there.

Thank you