Ubuntu + CasaOS + Pterodactyl help

Hello i need help i have been trying to set up pterodactyl for minecraft servers and stuff and CasaOS to monitor the server i have got them both working alone but not together idk if it a IP thing but right now i have ubuntu with casaOS running plz help.

Anything happening with this i mean i still got time i still need to buy a new CPU and RAM i just wanted a way to use pterodactyl for mc and other servers and something good to monitor the server how much ram and CPU usage and stuff.

Can you go into more detail? Like, what errors are you getting? Any screenshots if you can’t explain?

Also, here is a thread for this:

I just wanted a video from start to finish on how to get Ununtu,CasaOS and Pterodactyl working nicely together im new to all this i keep braking stuff xd