Unable To Install Bluestack with nginx

hi everyone i seek some help today i installed nginx using the youtube guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQnh94v0iBg
now i wanted to install bookstack but just cant get it working when i do proxy host in nginx it just shows me internal error…please can someone guide me what might i be doing wrong

@PitchAbyss Does Bookstack work locally on your LAN? How did you install Bookstack?

You also should set the environment variable in Bookstack: APP_URL to your domain.

thanks for replying @dragonfire1119 … strangely it doesnt

i used stack / compose here it is , and when setting APP_URL i need nginx which is giving me some internal error

version: "2"
image: lscr.io/linuxserver/bookstack
container_name: bookstack
  - PUID=1000
  - PGID=1000
  - APP_URL=https://bookstack.example.com
  - DB_HOST=bookstack_db
  - DB_PORT=3306
  - DB_USER=bookstack
  - DB_PASS=secret
  - DB_DATABASE=bookstackapp
  - /home/pitchabyss/docker/bookstack/bookstack_app_data:/config
  - 6875:80
restart: unless-stopped
  - bookstack_db
image: lscr.io/linuxserver/mariadb
container_name: bookstack_db
  - PUID=1000
  - PGID=1000
  - TZ=Asia/Kolkata
  - MYSQL_DATABASE=bookstackapp
  - MYSQL_USER=bookstack
  - /home/pitchabyss/docker/bookstack/bookstack_db_data:/config
restart: unless-stopped

@PitchAbyss I rewrote the Docker Compose and tested this on Portainer:

You will probably need to delete the stack and volumes etc…

You need to change the APP_URL to your local ip or domain.

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thankyou so much its 6 in morning il try it out after some sleep and update you here and also please guide me why nginx behaving like a kid to me …always shows internal error

also wont i be needing the database part ?

@PitchAbyss Does Nginx Proxy Manager not work?

@PitchAbyss That is in my Docker Compose already just copy and paste.

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i have setup correctly these are the steps and error

had to link gdrive for images as new user could send 4 images please check

@PitchAbyss That link doesn’t work. You can upload to https://imgur.com/.

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Can you look at the NPM logs:

bash -c "$(wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bigbeartechworld/big-bear-scripts/master/get-docker-logs/run.sh)"

do i run this after trying in nginx ?

Yes, you would need to find any errors.

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thankyou sir i couldnt get anything but i for now sorted it by making a tunnel in cloudflare :smiley:

i also wanted to ask one more thing i deploy all my docker images via stacks and i was checking a bakup video that has some commands like docker-compose stop that stops that container…it though gives me an error , please suggest what can i do

docker-compose stop
Command ‘docker-compose’ not found, but can be installed with:
sudo snap install docker # version 20.10.24, or
sudo apt install docker-compose # version 1.29.2-1
See ‘snap info docker’ for additional versions.



docker compose stop

Replace docker-compose with docker compose with a space.

I have a series on Cloudflare that might help:

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your video only helped me haha :smiley:

pitchabyss@optiplex-server:~/docker/jellyfin$ docker compose stop
no configuration file provided: not found


The error message “no configuration file provided: not found” typically indicates that Docker Compose couldn’t find a docker-compose.yml file in the current directory.

You can also tell it where the file is:

docker-compose -f /path/to/your/docker-compose.yml stop

Awesome glad I could help!

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