Updating Home Assistant from the CasaOS version to the BigBear version

I have the standard CasaOS installation of Home Assistant on a Zima Board. The version is Core 2023.11.3. CasaOS reports that it is up-to-Date.
The BigBear CasaOS version of Home Assistant is 2024.2.2. (Core?)
If I install the BigBear version will it update my existing Docker image, keeping my current configuration, or will it install a new Docker image? And, if it is a new image, is there a way to transfer my existing configuration?

You would need to make sure you move the volume binds over and the data, and then you should be good. I haven’t tried it myself, though.

One of my goals with BigBearCasaOS is to keep it up-to-date.

Great. That worked like a treat.
Thank you

Awesome! Glad to have you onboard! Let me know if you have any app suggestions or run into issues! Feel free to start a post at any time!