Updating Immich from 1.94.1 to 1.98.1 or generally updating on CasaOS?

I followed the video guide on installing Immich via CasaOS, because the manual install would just not work for whatever reason. My iPad ended up updating the App on its own and now I can’t use Immich without updating it on my server. I found some guides on how to do it when having it manually installed via Docker Compose, but I’m really not sure how to do it safely on CasaOS…
I’m running Immich 1.94.1 on a raspi4b with Ubuntu Server LTS 22.04, CasaOS version is 0.4.7, which is the latest.
Do I just hit the check and update button in CasaOS? How do I make a backup to be safe?

Thank you for your awesome creations and guides BigBearTech!!!
Any help is appreciated.

The Immich from BigBearCasaOS should update when you check for updates. Immich is in constant development, so don’t use it as your only backup. You can backup anything in the


If you customized the current version, then it should just override it when checking for updates. You shouldn’t have to manually install or update any of the Docker Compose files. I have guides for other platforms if you’re not wanting to use CasaOS. CasaOS just makes it easy with BigBearCasaOS, though.

You should be able to use check for updates, and then it should pull the update from BigBearCasaOS. I try to keep all the apps up-to-date so everybody can have the latest updates.

If there are issues, reply back, and I’ll try to help.

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!