Updating Immich - Solving pgvecto-rs version issue

Hey guys,

If you are getting an error after update immich version from 1.94.1 to a higher, possibly you are getting a pgvecto-rs issue.

To solve this issue you can run the script bellow:

bash -c "$(wget -qO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gartisk/big-bear-scripts/master/casaos-immich-vectors-upgrade/run.sh)" -- -u casaos -p 0.1.11 -n 0.2.0

Script parameters:
-u: postgres username
-p: previous pgvecto-rs version
-n new pgvecto-rs version
You can see these information looking in docker-compose.yml

if you are running immich-without-machine-learning, you need to update this array in the script, with the containers are described in your docker-compose.yml

declare -a containers=("immich-machine-learning" "immich-postgres" "immich-server" "immich-microservices" "immich-redis")

If you need to edit the script, please
Make the download using:

wget -qO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gartisk/big-bear-scripts/master/casaos-immich-vectors-upgrade/run.sh

Run the script:

run.sh -u casaos -p 0.1.11 -n 0.2.0