Using a 4 bay hdd enclosure on a CasaOS LXC container

Hi there! Big noob here.

I used your helper script to install CasaOS on a proxmox container.
My plan was to migrate my Windows Plex install to this CasaOS container and all was more or less going great until I bumped on this problem…
Although on the “Storage” - “Drive” all my HDDs show, I can’t seem to mount them or access them anywhere.
Am I doing something wrong? Should I be “passing through” those hdd drive from Proxmox?
Help is realllllyyy needed.


1. Prepare the Drive on the Proxmox Host

a. Backup Data:

  • Ensure all important data on the hard drive is backed up, as formatting will erase everything.

b. Identify the Drive:

  • Use lsblk or fdisk -l to identify the drive on the Proxmox host. Let’s say it’s /dev/sdx.

c. Format to ext4 (Optional, if needed):

  • If the drive is not already formatted to ext4, or if you want to reformat it, use:
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdx
  • Replace /dev/sdx with your actual drive identifier.

2. Pass the Drive Through to the LXC Container

a. Edit Container Configuration:

  • Edit the container configuration file located at /etc/pve/nodes/<node>/lxc/<container_id>.conf.
  • Add a line for the drive:
mp0: /dev/sdx,mp=/mnt/drive
  • /dev/sdx is your drive.
  • /mnt/drive is the mount point inside the container.

b. Restart the Container:

  • Restart the container for changes to take effect.

3. Mounting Inside CasaOS Container

a. Access the Container:

  • Access the container’s command line.

b. Create Mount Point (if not automatically created):

  • Create a directory to mount the drive:
mkdir /mnt/drive
  • This step might be redundant if the mount point is automatically created by Proxmox as per the configuration.

c. Check the Drive:

  • Use lsblk to check if the drive appears inside the container.

d. Mount the Drive:

  • If the drive is not automatically mounted, you can manually mount it:
mount /dev/sdx /mnt/drive
  • Ensure /dev/sdx and /mnt/drive or /DATA/AppData match your drive identifier and mount point.

Thank you very much!