Video Suggestion: Foundry VTT

Would love to see a video on how to get Foundry VTT on CASAOS. As a new owner of a Zimablade I know one of my main goals is to get my Foundry VTT set up on it to make my D&D games accessible 24/7.

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I would absolutely love this as well!

I’m not a gamer, so I don’t have this game, and it looks like it costs money, so somebody would need to sponsor the video or give me a license to test it.

It does cost $50 for a license. And just in case it helps with planning time/if you want to do it (if sponsored of course) it’s not a game itself it’s a virtual tabletop for friends to get together to run table top RPG’s like D&D. I may be able to pay for the license if you find the time to look at it. But it’s something that I’ll have to work into my budget. I will keep you posted if I can do so. Thanks for responding so fast and considering my suggestion.

I completely understand. Just let me know if you want to. I will also need time to test it.

You’re welcome. I try to respond to everybody, but sometimes I get an overload of comments, and I have to set aside time to catch up on all the comments. It’s awesome to hear from the community, though!