Wealtor - Brands

Switching to another brokerage’s colors and branding has never been easier, thanks to the Wealtor brand feature.

Are you a real estate professional struggling to keep up with the branding demands of multiple companies? With Wealtor’s brand feature, you can easily manage and modify the branding elements of your Wealtor Website and Wealtor Emails. By using this feature, you can effortlessly modify the logos and color schemes of your marketing materials, and in the event that you switch to a different company, updating the branding is a breeze. With a single module that feeds all the necessary information to the other modules, you can conveniently update your branding elements with ease. Let’s explore the Wealtor brand feature and see how it can simplify your branding process.

Get Started

While on the Wealtor Agent Dashboard, you can access all your brands by clicking on the Brands icon, as shown in the picture above. You can save brands for various real estate companies and easily switch to a particular brand by clicking on the activate button.

Create a brand

Creating a brand is a simple process with brands. Just click on the Create Brand button, as shown in the picture at the bottom.

After clicking on Create Brand, you can assign a name to the brand, such as your Real Estate brokerage name, to easily identify its purpose.

Brands List

You can easily view all your brands and apply filters and sorting by using the two buttons located above the list of brand names. Additionally, clicking on a brand name will allow you to view the brand and edit or activate it with a single click.

View Brand

Upon clicking on a brand, you will be redirected to the next screen, where you can either edit or activate the brand.

Upon clicking on the Activate Brand button, an alert will appear asking if you want to activate the brand. Once you click “Yes,” all branding elements on your Wealtor Agent Website and Emails will automatically update to reflect the new brand.

After activating a brand, the button that you clicked on will indicate that the brand is now active.

Brand Info

By clicking on the brand info button, you can view the information associated with the brand.

Edit Brand

To edit a brand, navigate to the brand you want to modify, then click on the Actions tab and select the Edit button.

After clicking on the Edit button, you will be directed to a form where you can modify the brand, including the brokerage info, your realtor logo, and company information.


To sum up, the Wealtor Agent Dashboard offers a user-friendly platform for real estate professionals to manage multiple brands efficiently. The feature allows agents to create, edit, and activate brands, as well as view brand information and modify associated details, which simplifies the branding process. By utilizing the various functions and tools provided, agents can easily customize their marketing efforts to meet the needs of different companies, ultimately saving valuable time for busy real estate professionals who require an effortless way to modify information.