Any Thoughts on how good is Immich?

I want to ditch gdrive for photos and videos…please suggest how good it is and i dnt use casa os how should i install or set it up

It’s the best self-hosted Google photo alternative by far, great mobile app with photo sync, AI search, face recognition, multi users…
Better than Photoprism.


thankyou bro il check it out now

How did it work for you? Any feedback?

I’m not the OP, but I’m amazed by Immich. And thank you for quick update in BigBearAppStore!

But I have one worry. Right now I installed it on the 128GB SSD M.2 and in the near future I want to expand storage. As far I know, the best option is to migrate Immich to another, bigger, storage. Do you know how to do it safely in CasaOS? How to migrate app in container to new storage? Can I just copy appdata and my library to new drive, uninstall Immich and reinstall it on the new drive?

I have a guide to moving to a new drive here: