How to install Pi-Hole and unbound on CasaOS using BigBearCasaOS

Alright, sorry. Still learning how this works. Again for some reason, never had this issue while running it bare metal by itself outside of a container.

The command worked. I am now able to add lists through the web interface. I very much appreciate it.

It seems to be an issue with Pi-Hole, so every time you reboot the container, you will need to run that command.

Will make note of that and keep this in mind. I guess it’s time for me to start doing more learning for Docker now. Again, I appreciate the help!

You can add this to the Docker Compose file:

command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "chown -R www-data:pihole /etc/pihole"]

I might look at adding it to BigBearCasaOS.

You’re welcome! I go over quite a bit in my videos.

I have noticed actually!

One of your CasaOS videos actually sprung me into using Casa to begin with. I used it quite a while ago before they gave you the option to add custom app / container downloads and alternate stores. Actually kind of glad I gave it another try. Running a file store for the family, running jellyfin, cloudflared and now pi-hole / unbound on here.

That’s awesome to hear that my videos got you going! Ya back then wasn’t customizable. IceWhale has done a lot of work since then.

That’s the great thing about self-hosting—helping your family out. If you get into it more, you should look at Home Assistant. You can start automating your home.

That’s actually the next thing for me to look into implementing. I have an old house though that does not have neutral wiring in it, but much of the walls have 12/2 running through it now. I know that SOME of the Lutron Casita stuff has been adapted / made for that. Tired of relying on IoT traffic in and out and all that telemetry / data mining stuff happening. Lol

Ya, that might be an issue with getting a signal through out your house.

Well, I’m not sure if you can get away from Amazon, Google, or Apple, but I guess you could try. I have 1,000+ devices that are running and full automation that I’ve programmed to start doing different things when you walk in the rooms. Me and my dad have been working on it for years. We keep finding more and more things to improve.

That’s awesome!

Good project to keep busy, and to develop a relationship on top of things. I know a Youtuber over in the UK showed off a mmWave 2.4ghz Human Presence Detection device that I want to implement into specific rooms of the house to turn on and off the lights once you enter / exit the area(s). I know that can cause issues for other devices in the house but, as long as I know what channels it uses… I can make sure to keep off those channels once I get my Access Points setup.

Going to go with a custom network setup here soon. Want to get a router appliance and baremetal OPNsense with a decent firewall application added in, and then run mesh access points around the house. I also want to mess around with Matter and Zigbee a bit too. Definitely a lot of working parts but, worth the learning experience.

I have z-wave sensors that turn on and off lights when you enter and leave.

I tried Zigbee but it’s running on 2.4ghz which doesn’t work well with my WiFi around the house and Zigbee was always glitchy. Right now we have a very solid Z-wave network. Not many issues.

There is Pfsense as well. Also, you should look at

Really great hardware!

Ubiquiti is definitely a great platform. We use their Loco and Nano ONUs and Point to Multipoint Radios at work to serve customers internet. I also unfortunately just lost my Ubiquiti Dream Machine (Unfortunately, not the Pro or SE version…). I would LOVE to acquire a UDM-Pro but there is the definite lack of rectangular currency in the wallet. Haha!

Correct, it can play hell on 2ghz networks. Probably a good reason why Ubiquiti has WiFi Man built in, as well as its’ own scanning / timer for scanning.

Recommendation on any specific ones to look for? I am always up for suggestions!

The Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus 4-in-1 Sensor is good.