How to install Pi-Hole and unbound on CasaOS using BigBearCasaOS

Discover How to Install Pi-Hole and Unbound on CasaOS using our App Store BigBearCasaOS! :sparkles: In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step, ensuring you’re set up and ready to go in no time.

Great instructional video on this one. Wanted to know if the image can be upgraded to the latest without breaking any of the configurations you’ve made?

Thank you, and yes, it has been updated. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you. I will export and delete, then reinstall from the store.

You can edit the docker compose with:

Awesome, going to add this to my list of commands, thank you.

You’re welcome. Checkout out the other big-bear-scripts might help as well:

You can alway suggest ideas for new scripts here:


When I try to update gravity, appears 2 errors on CasaOS on Zimaboard :

  • [✗] DNS resolution is currently unavailable*
  • [✗] DNS resolution is not available*
    what was the issue in hear and can you fix it please?


I’ve implemented a modification in the most recent Docker Compose file within big-bear-casaos, which should resolve this issue.

I made a post on this change: