I have a question about casaos

Guys, something strange happened to me, I had Casaos installed, I removed my 6T HDD, then I reinstalled Casaos and when I installed the HDD again it was not reading my files and folders, do you know why? I made the mistake of formatting it and lost all my files, many photos, etc.

I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your files. Did you format it with ext4? Also, are you sure you mounted it properly?

Yes, Casaos recognized it, because as I mentioned I already had files and I was using it with Casaos, I just removed it to reinstall Casaos and when I put it back Casaos was reading the hdd but the files or the option to select it did not appear until i format, I don’t know if it’s normal or what. But a question, every time I reinstall or change servers, will I always have to format it even if it is the same OS?

You should not have to format your hard drive every time you reinstall CasaOS or switch servers. However, if your hard drive is not formatted correctly or is not using ext4, you might encounter issues. Are you using fstab or the CasaOS UI to manage the hard drive? If you’re using the merge feature, please note that it is still in beta and known to have issues. I recommend following the tutorial above and mounting the drive manually.

Let me explain what I did. I dismantled the server because I was going to sell it and installed Windows, I left the HDD intact, I just removed it and put it away, days passed and the server didnt sell and so I reinstalled casaos, put the hard drive back and when I I put it back, the system read it but I didn’t see it, so it gave me the option of formatting it or creating a partition, something like that. Is there anything I should know so that if I change the server and move the hard drive I don’t have to format it?

ohh and yes the hdd is on ext4
Screenshot 2024-06-30 172530