My doors are not all showing up in my map

Is this the correct channel for support to correct an issue?

Yes this is the support channel for DoorKnockerPal. Can you message me with your email and the address of the door so I can look into this for you?

email address is: [REMOVED]
It is isn’t one house in particular. It is every house that I have labelled doesn’t show up on my map on desktop (Apple Imac). A;so on my Samsung 24 the app is constantly crashing and doesn’t show all of the houses on the map on my cell either.

Are you sure you’re on the right team?

I haven’t had any reports of crashing. Can you tell me what screen you’re on when crashing happens? So I can try to reproduce this?

I’m not sure what you mean by that. I am connected to Lori Melo account. Team members are Sandra, Bianca and Alessa

I’m on the map screen on my cellphone when it closes

The email you gave me only has one person on the team.

That’s weird. I can see the other team names on my account with that email address. I’m wondering there is some sort of glitch because I did have an account before with Doorknockerpal individually. I will log out and try and log in with an email account that my team name has there I see.

Can you go on the home screen and click your name up top? It will go to your BigBearAccount panel to manage your account. Then click Edit Profile.

I’m on home dashboard, I’ve clicked on my name where it says “welcome Etienne Liburd”. Nothing happens. This is the Doorknockerpal page I mean

I’m testing on my Android, and I haven’t gotten it to crash yet. This doesn’t mean it’s not an issue on your end. I’m just trying to reproduce it. All you’re doing is going into the map?

What version of the DoorKnockerPal app are you using? Can you go to the More tab all the way in the bottom right? Then scroll down.

Yes. Just the map to go see the properties we have visited on it. Do I need to remove and then re-install it possibly?

Is it the Doorknockerpal 1.0?

That’s really old if it’s 1.0. It should be 7.1.0


all I see on the screen.

That’s the web app. I thought you were on your Android.

This is all very confusing. I’m on your company website. Why doesn’t that just update automatically?

Ok. On my cell it is 7.10.0 (prod) (KUBE)

The web app does update automatically. I thought you were on your Samsung, and it was crashing. Are you saying the web app is crashing?