Request: Excalidraw

Super neat infinite canvas tool with realtime collaboration and end to end encryption. Great for sketching up ideas together or annotating on images.

This has been added:

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Great! Weird i missed that

You didn’t miss anything. I just added it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions. Keep them coming!

Well, that was quick then!

Thanks for adding! I hope you get the time to look ad the other suggestions as well. been tearing my hair out trying to install them manually :sweat_smile:

By the way, the logo chosen is very stretched and goes over the title in the UI. Also, the collaboration feature is not working?

Maybe use this one? a bit neater as well. I already changed it manually, just letting you know

I love finding all these great tools i have never heard of before building my homelab! A big thanks for the app store. It has so much good stuff

Would you be able to start a pull request on adding the new logo or post it here? So I can get it added.

In risk of doing the pull request wrong, here it is :blush:


That works too! Done thanks: