Updating Immich v1.99.0 to Latest (v1.102.3)

Hi! I’m trying to update my Immich Server(v1.99.0) in my CasaOS (v.0.4.8) server.
I checked some topics related to this and it pointing to it being updating automatically when clicking “Check then update button” in the CasaOS dashboard.

When doing this I keep getting “compose app big-bear-immich is up to date”. I didn’t do any custom installation. Is there another step I should do to update Immich on my Server?

Thanks for the help!

Hello, there are quite a few issues coming up for 0.4.8, so I would recommend you downgrade.

You can also run a healthcheck to look at logs in the app-management:

If downgrading doesn’t work, you can try these steps that have worked in the past:

1st Possible Solution

You can try to uninstall it, but don’t delete the AppData on uninstall and install it again. Sometimes I’ve had reports of it getting stuck.

2nd Possible Solution

Uninstalling the app store and then reinstalling might fix the glitch.

3rd Possible Solution

You can try to reinstall CasaOS completely.

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Downgrading Helped!

For a while it kept saying “compose app big-bear-immich is up to date” but after going to the service and refreshing it updated to the latest version. also run the healthcheck and seems that all services are running properly. Thank you!