Streamline Nextcloud Installation on CasaOS with BigBearCasaOS

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to effortlessly set up Nextcloud on CasaOS using the powerful BigBearCasaOS. Make cloud storage and collaboration a breeze with this easy-to-follow tutorial!

i had no issues installing this into a raspberry pi 4, 8 gigs ram in casaos.
althought, it worked great, obviously the speed of the raspberry pi 4 suffer s a lot.
Nevertheless, my question is different :
a) i want to know how to have casaos and nextcloud use the attached USB drive that I have for statoage.
b) very importat : this installation was used using a SD card for CasoOS but my intention was to install it here, and connect a USB drive and store it there. Is there a way to do this, use the USB drive to have nextcloud store all the pictures there rather than the sd card?

Hi. I really appreciate you making this, it was the only tutorial that finally worked for me. I have nextcloud up and running in Ubuntu. I would like some pointers with the following, please:

I want to change the default database username and password (casaos) and I don’t think it is just as simple as changing it under the nextcloud app settings in casaos.

I was able to change the nextcloud admin username and password by creating a new admin user and deleting the one that you created by default, but I still dont know hot to do the same with the database.

Thank you again for making this process less of a hustle.